luke taylor

Luke Taylor is the writer and creator of Voices of the Revolution. Previously he worked at Pilothouse Films with Erik Jendresen, one of the key producers of Band of Brothers, doing historical research and helping write scripts for projects in development.

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anne coburn

Anne Coburn runs Noema Noetic Productions, LLC, the company behind our podcast, and is an executive producer on the project. As a writer and director, her films have received a Webby for activism, been viewed over 2M times on social media, and have been seen at festivals around the country. As a producer, she has worked with Oscar, Emmy, and Sundance award-winning documentarians. 



Vincent Calianno is the post-producer of our podcast. He composes the score, designs the soundscape, and mixes the episodes. Outside of Voices, he is a sound designer and award-winning composer for the concert hall, stage and film. His music “blur(s) the boundaries between fine art and popular culture” according to VICE magazine, and has been performed and recorded by ensembles worldwide. More at


Eli Susser

Eli Susser is an executive producer of the podcast. Outside of Voices he makes music videos, ads, and documentaries. His work has been shared by the BBC, IndieWire, Indie Current, Jalopnik, and the Wall Street Journal. Most recently he designed visual effects for The Reagan Show, which played at Tribeca, and post-produced the short film Mr. Yellow Sweatshirt, which toured NYFF and TIFF.